Sunday, 3 November 2013

Welcome Note

I am deeply honoured to share with you the wisdom and knowledge I have gained through my life and soul journey.

I am delighted to share with you about the great strides forward i have been able to make on my soul journey through studying with my most honoured spiritual father and teacher, Master Sha.

The soul journey is eternal.
The spiritual journey and physical journey are one. 
Our physical life is to serve our soul's journey to reach higher layers of enlightenment in Heaven through the purification of the soul, heart mind and body. 

Purity is a treasure within each soul that shines brighter than a thousand suns.
As one opens to love forgiveness compassion and light, this light increases.

It is through the eyes of purity that one can see the light within each soul and every aspect of life.
It is through the eyes of purity that one can recognise the gift within any challenge as an opportunity to reach deeper layers of enlightenment.

I welcome each one of you to join me in this most profound journey.
I welcome each one of you into my heart and soul. 
I welcome each one of you to open your heart and soul to the infinite light within.

You are most loved 
Master Maya


  1. Dearest Avi, thank you and my love to you . As one we will deeply align to serve humanity and all souls. We are truly blessed beyond words. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    Dearest Master Maya, I love you so much and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am looking forward to all your upcoming posts. Just by reading this few lines, i am emotional. I resonate with every word and sentence deeply. Thank you for your love and service. You are a great example for all of us. With Gratitude , by Avi Sangha.

  2. Dearest Nina, thank you and may we all enter this sacred journey of purification together. with love and light
    Dear beloved Master Maya, thank you for this blog with such a great topic! I am truly looking forward to read and learn more from you, thank you! With love and gratitude from Germany!, by N.Kaiser.

  3. Dearest Ai Chin, It is an honour to serve you. with love and light

    Dear Master Maya, many thanks for your precious teachings ... looking forward to more teachings on your blog. LY , by Ai Chin Khor.

  4. Dearest Amadea, thank you with all my heart for your warm welcome to the blog. We truly cannot thank Master Sha enough. with love and blessings

    Much love to your beautiful hart and soul! We can not thank you and Master Sha enough for all the teachings blessings and services to all humanity! We are all blessed! LYLYLY!, by Amadea Stefa.

  5. Dearest Master Mirva, thank you so much for your love and inspiring words! love you, Love you, Love you

    My greatest love and gratitude to you Master Maya! The world is much better for your teachings! , by Master Mirva.

  6. Dearest Shirley, i am delighted you are looking forward to the teachings in this blog. I am so grateful for you and all you bring to humanity and all souls. With love and blessings

    My Beloved Master Maya: You are the essence of purity and wisdom. You are a great teacher, healer and powerful role model for the Mission. I bow down to you. You have all my love and devotion for eternity, I look forward to learning and growing from the wisdom you transmit through this precious blog. Thank you for your service and your love. , by Shirley Muzzatti.

  7. Dearest Beloved Master Maya - thank you so much for sharing your innermost heartfelt teachings, thoughts and feeling - I honour and value each word you speak. Much love Nivedita

  8. Love Master Maya I thank you from my heart for all your love and wisdom, your teaching and your unconditional service. Thank you that you will share it all with us and help us on our soul's journey further purify us and move forward. I am very happy to follow your blog to learn from you to be happy with you and so that I can better serve and unconditional that I may fulfill my mission in life.
    Ty Ty Ty Ly Ly Ly cbd cbd cbd by Ines
    I am so happy that you're with us and I am so grateful and geeehrt of Master Sha and must learn as many other WWR and saints.