Friday, 1 November 2013

Divine Love

Divine Love 
The Divine speaks to us in many ways and through many forms , from our teachers, children, partners , friends more. 
All souls can be a channel of the Divine's love and compassion for us and guide us in the right direction when the way forward seems bleak.
The messages are like drops of Gold from Heaven.
In opening our hearts and souls further, we open to the infinite possibilities.
There is no boundary to the Divine's love.
It is only a matter of how much we are able to surrender to.
The more we are able to receive, the deeper we purify.
May you be blessed by the Divine's unconditional love and compassion.

Open your Heart and Soul
Body power:
Place one hand on your lower abdomen and the other on your message center (heart chakra)
Soul Power:
Dear Divine Love, i love honour and appreciate you.
Please open my heart and soul.
Thank you.
Mind Power: 
Visualise yourself sitting on a lotus flower in the center of your heart chakra.The Divine's love radiates out of the lotus flower into every part of your being.
Sound Power:chant
Divine love opens my heart and soul
Divine love opens my heart and soul
Divine love opens my heart and soul....

Chant for 15 to 20 minutes or longer.
Go into the condition of the Divine's love.

Close your practice by saying :

'Hao. Hao.Hao
Thank you. Thank you.Thank you.

Hao means 'get well' 

1 comment:

  1. Dear Master Maya,

    thank you for sharing this beautiful practice with us!

    I could see in my MC a beautiful bright white lotus flower. While chanting as my heart and soul opened up more I could also see the lotus flower open up more and more.
    My MC area got very comfortably warm. I could perceive some mind blockages melted in Divine Love - blockages that where hindering me to open my heart and soul further.
    A very powerful practice especially during times of testings and purifcation!

    Thank you so much Master Maya!