Sunday, 24 November 2013

Forgiveness is the golden key to making your dreams come true

Every step on ones journey through life is milestone to finding inner peace.

Make those steps joyous and full of love

Make those steps with forgiveness as you face any challenge

Make those steps your souls truth

Enter each day listening to the sacred calling within your heart to be the shining light you were created to be

Or the journey may not be your dream come true

Master Sha is giving us the opportunity to make our dreams come true through clearing our karma, through receiving the blessings that open the door to the dreams we hold within our hearts and souls.

I would like to share an extract for the 'soul power' from Master Sha's newest book 'Soul Healing Miracles' to self clear your karma which transforms the challenges you may be facing

Body Power:

Place one hand on your lower abdomen and the other on your message centre (heart chakra) 

Soul Power:

Dear Divine,
Dear Tao, The Source,
I love you, honour you, and appreciate you.
Please forgive my ancestors and me for all the mistakes we have made in all lifetimes.
I am deeply sorry from the bottom of my heart for all of these mistakes.
In order to be forgiven, i will serve unconditionally
To chant and meditate is to serve.
I will chant and meditate as much as i can.
I will offer unconditional service as much as i can.
I am extremely grateful.
Thank you.

Mind power:

Visualise a lotus flower radiating brightest golden light in your message centre blessing you and every aspect of your life.

Sound power:

Greatest forgiveness
Greatest forgiveness
Greatest forgiveness
Greatest forgiveness

Da Kuan Shu  (means Greatest Forgiveness)

Da Kuan Shu
Da Kuan Shu
Da Kuan Shu

Chant for 15 to 30 minutes

Go into the condition of Greatest Forgiveness

All the spiritual fathers and mothers connected to greatest forgiveness will bless you

Forgiveness is the golden key to self clear your negative karma

Practice forgiveness daily and experience the deep transformation within your life.

Please share your experience with this simple practice so others can benefit also. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


  1. Many Many thanks Master sha & Master Maya you are veery very Great , Thank you for shering with me this beautiful forgiveness perctice , I am humbally thankfull to you Master Maya , you help me and Gide me , Thank you Thank you Thank you .

    1. Dear Mohammed, we are indeed beyond blessed for all that Master Sha shares with humanity. Forgiveness practice is very powerful and please know it is my honour to serve you. with love and gratitude,Master Maya

  2. Dearest beloved Master Maya, thank you for posting this practice on that day. I am very grateful to you and Master Sha.Thank you and Love you very much.

    1. Thank you dearest Magdalena. the power of the practices in the Soul Healing Miracles book are beyond words. Humanity is so blessed. with love and blessings,Master Maya