Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The significance of the Tao Retreat

To purify means to remove the soul mind body blockages that do not serve our lives and soul journeys.
To purify means to hold higher and higher states of purity within one's soul heart mind and body.
It is to become Divine presence on mother earth and in doing so we become the light for those who seek healing and life transformation.

In my experience, the highest and fastest way to purify is to be in the presence of Master Sha.
To be in his physical presence or via webcast or teleconference is to be in the field of The Source.

It is be surrounded and connected to the highest saints and the purest light .
This in itself will clear the soul mind body blockages of your health , relationship or financial challenges.
This in itself will bring the light needed to purify your soul heart mind and body.

I call each one of you from my heart and soul, to the upcoming Tao retreats.
I call each one of you to share this sacred opportunity with your friends and loved ones.
This is the last year to receive soul enlightenment and karma cleansing.
This is a historic event and is not to be missed.

There are no words for what is being offered to us from the Divine's heart.
It is a gift and opportunity of all lifetimes.

I invite all of you to share your experiences from the Tao retreats you have attended here also.
Let us create a love peace harmony world family together.

You are most loved .

With love and blessings,
Master Maya


  1. Dear Master Maya,

    thank you for your sincere calling!

    I will never forget the first Tao Retreat in Ramsau I was honored to attend in person. And the moment of listening the first time to the Tao Jing. I was crying so, so hard because of its pure beauty!
    Every opportunity to be in presence of Master Sha - in person or via webcast - is a huge blesssing and honor. I am so grateful that I am registered for Tao 1+2 and very, very eagerly looking forward to this event!

    "See" you there!

    1. Dearest Nina, thank you for sharing your heart touching experiences. We are indeed so blessed and this retreat will be a historic event. Love and blessings to you

  2. Thank you Master Maya for the invitation. I will be there via webcast. We are so very blessed.

  3. Dearest Mimi, so happy we will be connected heart to heart in this way. My love to you and your beloved mother

  4. Dearest Master Maya,

    Thank you so much for your calling to these Tao Retreats. I have not missed one Tao Retreat either in person or via webcast and am so blessed to be registered for these retreats. Every moment with Master Sha is an incredible blessing and to be on the Tao journey with Master Sha is a blessing beyond our imagination. Thank you. Love you! Lenore

    1. Dear master Maya
      I am also a participant of the Tao retreats since 2010, every retreat I was connected by webcast, for me is that the only possibility, I am abundance is my mantra (smile) Let we have another great time during this retreats together with our beloved Master Sha and wan ling joining us

    2. Dearest Lenore and Dearest Thea, thank you for your powerful sharing and joyous insights of the significance of the Tao retreats. with love and light,Master Maya

    3. Dearest Lenore and Dearest Thea, thank you for your powerful sharing and joyous insights of the significance of the Tao retreats. with love and light,Master Maya

  5. Dear Master Maya,

    I have endeavoured to attend as many retreats as possible. I am so grateful to read your blog and the significance you share with us in attending these current retreats with Master Sha. I recognise that in order to open our hearts further and purify has assisted my souls journey immensely and be a able to go deeper into the teachings. As the journey is about progressing further it is my experience also that by being in Master Sha's presence that we are able to receive more from the heart of the Divine, Tao, and Source. I am grateful to share this others in which ever way I am able to.

    In Gratitude and Love

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Dear Master Maya,
    Thank you for the calling. I have attended almost all the Tao retreats beginning with Tao I in Ramsau, including 5 or 6 more Tao I. I am very grateful to Master Sha and the Audio-Visual Team for providing the means to attend via webcast or phone when one can't be there in-person.