Monday, 21 April 2014

Blessings from Jesus

Dear Ones,

On this special period of Easter, Jesus will offer every reader a special blessing to develop the unconditional heart of service.

Open your heart and soul to receive the message & blessings from Jesus.

''My beloved sons and daughters, this is Jesus speaking. I love you more than words can say.
I am deeply grateful to all of you who have chosen this most blessed path of unconditional service with Master Sha.
Master Sha is taking each one who opens their hearts and souls to the highest layers of Heaven.
Your souls have waited for this since the beginning of time.

I am honoured to offer every reader a blessing to develop the unconditional heart of service.
My message to you is ; love each other unconditionally. 
Especially love those who have hurt or harmed you. They need the most love. This is how to transform darkness to light. This is the core of unconditional service.''

Visualise you are sitting on a lotus flower . The lotus flower radiates Golden Crystal light.

Place one palm on your lower abdomen and the other on your message center (heart chakra/ center)

Close your eyes and open your heart and soul to receive the blessing.

Blessing starts: (3 minutes)

Hao Hao Hao.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I wish all of you and your loved ones a most blessed Easter .
This is a time of new beginnings.
Love and believe in yourself , like all your spiritual fathers and mothers love and believe in you.

Master Sha teaches ;
'Love melts all blockages and transforms all life'

Please share your experiences with the blessings received as a service to all who read this post. In this way, your love & light blesses them.

With Unconditional Love and Light,
Master Maya

Friday, 11 April 2014

Benefits of Online Book Study Club: Message and Blessings from the Divine.

Dear Ones,
It is an honor for me to offer a message from the Divine as to the benefits and significance of joining Master Mirva and myself for the Online Book Study Club.
We will join heart to heart , soul to soul each week to learn how to create soul healing miracles for every aspect of life.
Master Mirva and I are so excited to launch this online book study club for Master Sha's Soul Healing Miracles book.
Love you. Love you. Love you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Master Maya

Friday, 4 April 2014

Divine Healing Hands can create Soul Healing Miracles.

Dear Ones,
I am delighted to share that my experience at receiving the Divine Healing Hands has been one of the most profound i can remember. I was so excited to receive God's healing hands and to be able to offer healing blessings to humanity, animals, relationships, finances and more.
I am honoured to share a Soul Healing Miracle story with you from the Divine Healing Hands website.

 ''I had the honor of receiving Divine Healing Hands and since then I have used this treasure to offer soul healing blessings for illness, relationships and other issues. The power simply amazes me each time I use it, it grows more and more powerful. A few days ago I offered a soul healing blessing to a woman who had been attacked and her face needed plastic surgery because she was so disfigured. Today she went back to her doctor and he could not believe how fast and how well her skin had healed, she didn't have any of the swelling or bruises that usually appear for people with this type of injury. He was absolutely stunned and remarked that he had never seen such a fast and easy recovery in his time as a doctor. When I offer a soul healing blessing for emotional or mental issues, people relax, are happier and have more energy. This is the power of Divine Healing Hands. I am so very grateful to the Divine and Master Sha for transmitting this treasure, as it is beyond all my words can say. I wish for everyone to have the opportunity to receive this treasure as it changes not only your life, but the life of everyone who receives its love and light". It's simply amazing! Thank you Divine, Thank you Tao, Thank you Master Sha." -  Maya Mackie

you can apply to become a Divine Healing Hands soul healer through

I wish for you and your loved ones to receive the Divine Healing Hands so that you can bless and transform every aspect of your and your loved ones life.
This is an opportunity beyond words.
With deepest love,
Master Maya