Monday, 21 April 2014

Blessings from Jesus

Dear Ones,

On this special period of Easter, Jesus will offer every reader a special blessing to develop the unconditional heart of service.

Open your heart and soul to receive the message & blessings from Jesus.

''My beloved sons and daughters, this is Jesus speaking. I love you more than words can say.
I am deeply grateful to all of you who have chosen this most blessed path of unconditional service with Master Sha.
Master Sha is taking each one who opens their hearts and souls to the highest layers of Heaven.
Your souls have waited for this since the beginning of time.

I am honoured to offer every reader a blessing to develop the unconditional heart of service.
My message to you is ; love each other unconditionally. 
Especially love those who have hurt or harmed you. They need the most love. This is how to transform darkness to light. This is the core of unconditional service.''

Visualise you are sitting on a lotus flower . The lotus flower radiates Golden Crystal light.

Place one palm on your lower abdomen and the other on your message center (heart chakra/ center)

Close your eyes and open your heart and soul to receive the blessing.

Blessing starts: (3 minutes)

Hao Hao Hao.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I wish all of you and your loved ones a most blessed Easter .
This is a time of new beginnings.
Love and believe in yourself , like all your spiritual fathers and mothers love and believe in you.

Master Sha teaches ;
'Love melts all blockages and transforms all life'

Please share your experiences with the blessings received as a service to all who read this post. In this way, your love & light blesses them.

With Unconditional Love and Light,
Master Maya


  1. Thank you Jesus and Master Maya for this wonderful post. During the blessing I felt so much heat in my ming men point. Then I could so much heat from my palms, it was incredible. My heart chakra now feels more open and pure and mind feels clear. That 3 minutes was so powerful. Tytyty lylyly

  2. Thank you dearest Master Maya and Jesus for this powerful blessing! To me it was like a wave of love flowing through every cell of my body washing away countless blockages at any level. I feel a very special and strong connection to jesus particularly during the last days. Thank you both for your presence! Thank you, thank you, thank you, love you, love you, love you!!!

  3. Dearest Master Maya,
    Thank you for sharing this message of Jesus. Thank you beloved Jesus for offering this message of unconditional love and light and the powerful blessings.
    When I closed my eyes and made a connection, I felt heat in my Messagecenter (also called the heartchakra). Then memories of people who loved me came up and I was able to open my heart further to love and to express my gratitude to them.
    Then memories of people who hurt me in the past came up and I was able to express my love to them too and to offer them forgiveness and to ask for their forgiveness. Then the warmth in my heart grew and it radiated out through my chest. It opened my heart further and further.
    I am deeply grateful for this opening of my heart so I can follow your example and spread more love and light to those in need. Thank you so very much.
    With all my love, Barbara

  4. That was so very wonderful! I almost instantly was filled with such a warm light and love feeling. I will do whatever is necessary to keep that feeling alive in my heart all the time. thank you, love you. All my love to you. Kristin

  5. It was an awakening in my heart. I felt a heaviness slowly releasing and Jesus blessings and teaching were profound, heart touching and deep. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Master Maya. Greatest gratitude and appreciation. Love you. Love you. Love you. Love you all.

  6. Dear beloved Master Maya and beloved Master Jesus, I love you, honor you and deeply appreciate you. thank you for the beautiful and powerful blessing, so much transformed within my heart and message center within this 3min silent blessing from Jesus, I am so grateful for your service to us, I will do my best to purify and to develop my ability to be offer unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion, ....thank you with all my heart, love you

  7. Thank you most beloved Jesus! I love you! Thank you for this most exquisite message. it touched my heart most deeply, today. Very meaningful and significant that I read this on this day. Countless bow downs. Dear beloved Master Maya, thank you for your most incredible love and unconditional total GOLD service! I cannot thank you enough that you flowed this message. Countless bow downs!

    deepest love and gratitude,
    Master Mirva

    1. Thank you and love you Beloved Master Mirva!

  8. Dear Beloved Master Maya Thank you for this beautiful message and blessing from Jesus I am so very grateful for all your service to us all, thank you love you cbd cbd cbd
    Dear beloved Jesus I love you and thank you from my heart for this beautiful message and blessing wisdom and teaching cbd cbd cbd , I saw Jesus appear in front of me and connect the beautiful red light from his heart with my heart, then I saw and felt my crown chakra open and a channel of light poured in from heaven, then Jesus walked into my body and I went calm,still I felt like I did not have to breath it was so peaceful I stayed in this warm bliss until I heard Hao and then Jesus stepped out and we bowed down together, I am eternally grateful thank you with all my love Danielle

    1. Thank you and love you Danielle!

  9. Thank You Master Maya, Thank You beloved Jesus for the teachings and blessings.It balanced the Energy in my message center.Countless Boudowns

    1. Thank you and love you Anastasia!

  10. Dearest Master Maya, CBD CBD CBD Thank you countless times for this blessing and teaching. As I was receiving this blessing from Beloved Father Jesus, I was being taught unconditional love. I saw that how souls who carry negative emotions need sooooo much love to heal. There is big part of them wanting to heal and only love can heal this. I am seeing now that how Love, Forgiveness, compassion and light are tied together. There is no separation in these qualities. I am so very grateful this powerful teachings. There is this beautiful light all around my cells and I am in such huge peace. I feel so loved. I feel I am healed. TY TY TY