Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Closing of Divine Karma Cleansing

Humanity has been so extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to have their major negative karma cleansed since 2003.

The end of 2013 is the very last time to receive karma cleansing. 

Negative karma can deeply affect your life and soul journey. I have met people who did not fully recognise how their negative karma could be affecting them.
I will share some of these ways with you now.

Personal karma is the mistakes you have personally made in this or past lives. This is the personal lessons we are to learn and the aspects within ourselves that we work hard to transform. 
However,due to the negative karma, these could be quiet challenging to recognise ourselves and clearing your personal karma could bring deeper self realisation.

Ancestral karma is the karma you carry on behalf of your ancestors. We carry a part of our ancestors good and negative karma. This is quiet easy to recognise as you can connect soul to soul and feel if your mothers or fathers side ancestors carry heavy negative karma. Most people can feel this instinctively as a like bearing a 'weight on their shoulders'.

Emotional karma reveals itself through emotional imbalances : excessive worry, anger, irritability,sadness , guilt,lack of self confidence and self love, shame,oversensitivity and much more

Mental karma reveals itself through mental imbalance such as: lack of mental clarity, concentration and focus challenges,weak memory, inflexibility,negative thoughts about oneself or others and much more

Relationship karma reveals itself in challenges in your relationships. Our relationships greatly affect every aspect of our lives. You may even have a positive relationship that could become more challenged when the karma between you and the other person becomes more active.Once this karma is cleared, you could experience greater peace and harmony in your relationships.

These are some of the major types of negative karma that could affect your life. I wish you will take this great and final opportunity to receive Divine and Source karma cleansing. We cannot be grateful enough for the 10 years that the Divine has so generously opened this once in a lifetime opportunity to all of us.

I welcome you to write your experiences about the benefits of receiving karma cleansing below.

With love and light,
Master Maya

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Radio Show Episode 3: Healing Self Love blockages

Self Love is a blockage for millions of people in humanity. Self love is key for happiness and success in every aspect of life, including health, relationships, finances and the soul journey.
A lack of self love is connected to believing in yourself, self image, self confidence, self worth , self esteem and more.
In this radio program, i am delighted to lead you to do a practice to heal and transform self love soul mind body blockages.
Receive a Divine blessing for healing self love challenges.
Share with your friends and loved ones.
I welcome you to share your experiences below.

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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Radio Show Episode 2: Soul Healing Journey for Purifying Soul,Heart, Mind and Body


In this show, I am honored to introduce the 4 power techniques and forgiveness practice and how it can transform your life. I look forward to read your comments!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Live stream Teaching 1: The power of forgiveness practice


I welcome you to experience the power of forgiveness practice with the Source Calligraphy to transform all life. 
Thank you, thank you, Thank you.
Love you, Love you, Love you.

I look forward to reading your comments!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Radio Show Episode 1: Soul Healing Miracles for Purifying Soul, Heart, Mind and Body with Master Maya Mackie

In this show, I am honored to introduce my new live weekly radio show and offer a teaching and practice on the importance of gratitude and how it can transform your life.

I look forward to reading your sharing!