Friday, 26 September 2014

Soul Healing Miracles Book Study Club - Session 19

Please enjoy session 19 of Soul Healing Miracles Book Study Club.
Here we also practice & receive blessings from the Source Ling Guang Calligraphy San Jaio Chang Tong.
With Love & Blessings

My First Soul Healing Miracle With Master Sha

In October 2009, I attended my first Soul Healing & Enlightenment Retreat. I was so excited to attend my first ever retreat with Master Sha. 

On the first day of the retreat, my mother called me, with an urgent tone in her voice, that my cousin was in intensive care, and had lost her twins due to complications in her pregnancy and that the doctors had prepared her parents that she would also transition soon, as her condition was very severe. 

My heart felt very heavy.

The workshop started soon after.  
As an opening to the retreat, Master Sha offered a Soul Song Blessing.
He asked us to make a request for a blessing.

From my heart, I requested that my cousin be healed; not expecting what was to come.

Hours later, my mother called me back and said, ‘Maya, what did you do?'  She continued 'after we spoke in few hours, your cousin began to respond, and has now come out of her critical condition.'

When she woke up, she shared that she saw a saint next to her bed and was asking where she was.

Her parents were simply overjoyed.
The doctors were totally stunned and could not understand what occurred. 

What occurred was a Soul Healing Miracle through Master Sha's Soul Song blessing.

There are thousands of stories of soul healing miracles reported, many thousands have not been.  

To be in Master Sha's presence, in every moment, is to be in the presence of the highest Saints, Buddha's, the Divine and all layers of Heaven & the Source.

Take every opportunity possible to be with Master Sha on any teleconference, webcast, event or retreat.

There are no words for my gratitude to Master Sha for saving my cousins life.
Now she has a beautiful daughter. Her life was saved.
Thank you, my most beloved Spiritual Father & all Heaven.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Messages From Heaven : The Source

My Beloved Ones,

This is the Source.

I send each one my love and light.
I ask each of you to deeply align with my heart & soul.

In doing so, you release the pain that binds you to old patterns in your thoughts, speech & actions.

Allow me now, to bring your heart into my heart.

I am blessing you with my love and compassion.
I chant a song of love to you.

Make your request.

Hear my song now.
2 minute blessing starts...

This is the power of love.
This is the power of light.

Always remember to use the many tools given to you by your beloved spiritual father & teacher, Master Sha.

You are loved.
You are loved.
Now and always.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Messages From Heaven: Shi Jia Mo Ni Fou

Messages from Heaven
                                                                  Shi Jia Mo Ni Fou
                                                        Also known as Siddhārtha Gautama

Dear Beloved Ones,
I love you.

Each day is a new day.
You are always given a chance to heal and transform.
In every moment.
In every action, speech and behavior.

Remember who you are.
Remember your soul power.
Remember your heart connection to the Divine.

Chant 'I am Loved ' all day to align deeper with the Divine.
You are on the Path to Greatest Enlightenment.

I bless you.
I bless you.
I bless you.

You Beloved Spiritual Father,
Shi Jia Mo Ni Fou

Hao. Hao. Hao.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Love you. Love you. Love you.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Messages From Heaven - Di Zhang Wang Pu Sa

Messages From Heaven
Di Zhang Wang Pu Sa

My most beloved sons and daughter's,
This is Di Zhang Wang Pu Sa.
I love you deeply.

My message is simple.

Have love for yourself to love everyone.
Forgive yourself to forgive everyone.
Have compassion for yourself to have compassion for everyone.

This is the way.
Today join me in this practice.

I invite you to my Temple in Heaven.
Here you enter the gates into my sacred place of meditation.

As you sit on the lotus seat I have prepared for you, your heart and soul soften, in the presence of the Divine's Love.

Throughout all dimensions, is the sound of a gentle soul song, like the humming of a mother's lullaby.

Listen to me chant.
Listen with your heart.
This is my song of love for you.

You are safe here. 
You are in my heart.
Close your eyes, and look within your heart.

There are some unhealed pains that can heal today.

Say 3 times  'I am the Love of all Eternity '

Say 3 times  'I am the Forgiveness that Heals Humanity '

Say 3 times  'I am the Compassion of my Divine Mother's Heart '

Say 3 times  'I am the Light of the Universe '

I am love
I am forgiveness …

I am love 
I am compassion…

I am Love 
I am Light…

As you chant, a field of white light surrounds you, and then comes into your heart. 
All that is ready can be healed today.
All is ready, can be transformed.
All that is ready is enlightened.
Chant for as long as your soul guides you.

I bless you.
I bless you.
I bless you.

Return your focus to your lower abdomen.
See your soul on a lotus flower in your lower abdomen.

Shining Light. 
Shining Love. 
Shining Forgiveness. 
Shining Compassion.

Hao. Hao . Hao.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Di Zhang Wang Pu Sa

Friday, 12 September 2014

Messages From Heaven : Krishna

Messages From Heaven

Today is a day to celebrate.
Tomorrow is a day to celebrate.
Each day is a day to celebrate.

Celebrate life, celebrate love, and celebrate your great enlightenment.

How long have you waited for this lifetime, eagerly knowing that all would be made possible, because of your beloved Teachers incredible contribution and dedication to serving your soul journeys.

Do nothing else today but celebrate how far you have come.

Dance to the song of life that echo's within each blade of grass, each tree, each leaf, each drop of rain, each animal, each flower, each person, within all souls.

You are so loved
You are so blessed
You are so honored