Friday, 26 September 2014

My First Soul Healing Miracle With Master Sha

In October 2009, I attended my first Soul Healing & Enlightenment Retreat. I was so excited to attend my first ever retreat with Master Sha. 

On the first day of the retreat, my mother called me, with an urgent tone in her voice, that my cousin was in intensive care, and had lost her twins due to complications in her pregnancy and that the doctors had prepared her parents that she would also transition soon, as her condition was very severe. 

My heart felt very heavy.

The workshop started soon after.  
As an opening to the retreat, Master Sha offered a Soul Song Blessing.
He asked us to make a request for a blessing.

From my heart, I requested that my cousin be healed; not expecting what was to come.

Hours later, my mother called me back and said, ‘Maya, what did you do?'  She continued 'after we spoke in few hours, your cousin began to respond, and has now come out of her critical condition.'

When she woke up, she shared that she saw a saint next to her bed and was asking where she was.

Her parents were simply overjoyed.
The doctors were totally stunned and could not understand what occurred. 

What occurred was a Soul Healing Miracle through Master Sha's Soul Song blessing.

There are thousands of stories of soul healing miracles reported, many thousands have not been.  

To be in Master Sha's presence, in every moment, is to be in the presence of the highest Saints, Buddha's, the Divine and all layers of Heaven & the Source.

Take every opportunity possible to be with Master Sha on any teleconference, webcast, event or retreat.

There are no words for my gratitude to Master Sha for saving my cousins life.
Now she has a beautiful daughter. Her life was saved.
Thank you, my most beloved Spiritual Father & all Heaven.


  1. Beloved Voice of the Divine, my heart continues to open as I read your blog posts. I am humbled and full of joy that you are here to serve humanity in this special way. Da Gan En

    1. Dearest Terry, your messages deeply touch my heart and soul. Thank you, Thank you,Thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing such a heart touching healing miracle. With Master Sha every moment I feel inner joy and inner peace. Whenever I encountered any kind of issues or blockages, my first calling is Master Sha, the Divine, the Tao and my Shi Fu, Ling Hui Sheng Shi. I am so grateful for the blessing and healing and I completely trust them. Last night I repetitively play the audio recording for opening spiritual channels I have received from the European workshop. Thank you so much for the blessing and chanting. Thank you for being on Mother Earth. Da Gan Xie. LY LY LY CB CB CB

    1. Dear Audrey, what special sharing. Thank you from my heart. I am very honored to serve humanity with you. Love you,Love you,Love you

  3. Simply wow! This is totally amazing and an incredible example of a Soul Healing Miracle!

    Thank you so very much for sharing this Master Maya!

    much love and gratitude,
    Master Mirva

    1. Thank you beloved Master Mirva, this was truly an extraordinary miracle. I am so gratfeul to Master Sha. With greatest love,Maya

  4. Thank you Beloved Master Maya for sharing this profound healing miracle, my heart was so deeply touched reading this to the healing miracles Master Sha offers daily to humanity, I am so grateful for your cousin's healing and for all the many many thousands of souls that have and continued to be healed, Thank you for the healing you have done for me also, my deepest love, gratitude, honor, and appreciation, Thank you Master Sha thank you Master Maya love you love you love you cbd cbd cbd Danielle

  5. What an incredible miracle! I'm so grateful to Master Sha for all that he does to serve all souls. His love and healing power is infinite, I can never honour him enough. Thank you for sharing Master Maya...
    Love you Love you Love you

  6. First time we feel that it is a miracle but the fact is that we are free from stress, tensions and we have lots of positive vibrations in our body and peaceful thought in the mind. I want to thank to my guru "Chamunda Swami Ji", a great spiritual healer who help me in the tough path of life and to be spiritual