Saturday, 6 September 2014

Soul Healing Miracles Book Study Club Session 17

Excerpt from  'Soul Healing Miracles' 

The kidneys are located in the loins on either side of the spinal column. The kidneys are the zang (authority) organ of the Water element. The fu organ of the Water element is the urinary bladder. The meridians of
the kidneys and urinary bladder are internally and externally related.
1. Storing Pre-natal and Post-natal Jing (Matter) and Dominating Development and reproduction
a) Inherited essence of life
Normal conditions: The vital inherited essence of life is stored within the kidneys both before and after birth. It is inherited from the mother and father and then developed by the nutrients and other essences taken into the body. This vital inherited essence of life is then transformed into qi to assist the body to grow, develop, and reproduce.
Abnormal conditions: If there is a lack of essential nutrients and vital qi through development and reproduction, as well as an imbalance of yin yang, slow development, premature senility, hot flashes, coldness in the hands and feet, infertility, impotence, and more could result. 


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