Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Messages From Heaven : The Source

My Beloved Ones,

This is the Source.

I send each one my love and light.
I ask each of you to deeply align with my heart & soul.

In doing so, you release the pain that binds you to old patterns in your thoughts, speech & actions.

Allow me now, to bring your heart into my heart.

I am blessing you with my love and compassion.
I chant a song of love to you.

Make your request.

Hear my song now.
2 minute blessing starts...

This is the power of love.
This is the power of light.

Always remember to use the many tools given to you by your beloved spiritual father & teacher, Master Sha.

You are loved.
You are loved.
Now and always.


  1. Thank you Master Maya for this message and the powerful blessing! I could see like a huge cloud of bright golden light enveloping me, adjusting my frequency to enable me to release negative patterns. I am deeply grateful for this blessing and message!

  2. Dearest Beloved Master Maya, thank you so much for this beautiful message and blessing from The Source. I felt so much energy in my Message Centre and a gentle frequency and vibration opening my heart further with so much love. I can still feel the blessing continuing to heal my heart and I feel so much peace. Thank you Beloved Master Maya and all whom you represent. Thank you The Source. Thank you Master Sha. CBCBCB.

  3. Thank you Master Maya, We are so blessed that you bring us these messages that connect us deeper to our true selves and true nature. LY LY LY always, CBD CBD CBD

  4. Dearest Master Maya,
    I'm so grateful for this message and significant blessing from the Source.
    I asked for negative mindsets to be removed, and during the blessing experienced a lot of movement inside of my head, whilst at the same time a very penetrating blast of source frequency to my heart & message centre. The whole time I could here the most beautiful chanting coming from the Source... the sound was very textured, like many deep resonating voices combined as one... grounding, soothing, sacred. Thank you to the Source, thank you Master Maya...
    Love you Love you Love you CBD CBD CBD

  5. Thank you Beloved Master Maya the Source, I was so deeply touched by this beautiful message and blessing, the soul song I heard was so very powerful it vibrated through my entire body, to read you are loved, you are loved now and always to end the practice was very healing and heart touching thank you, your blog truly inspires me and helps me so much on my soul journey I love you and I thank you Danielle cbd cbd cbd