Friday, 29 November 2013

Soul Enlightenment

Soul enlightenment is a blessing beyond words and comprehension.
I remember the excitement in my heart and soul the very first time I heard that Master Sha could offer soul enlightenment.

Soul enlightenment is to uplift your soul in Heaven.
This usually takes hundreds and thousands of lifetimes of total unconditional service, with unconditional love forgiveness compassion and light to humanity and all souls for a soul to be uplifted in Heaven by the Divine.
An enlightened soul needs to carry a very high level of purity to be uplifted in Heavens realms by the Divine.
An enlightened soul carries the qualities of love,forgiveness, kindness,compassion, purity,grace, honestly, sincerity, humility, service, generosity and much more.
All the Saints, Buddha’s, enlightened Master’s, Angels,Prophet's and more in history are our great examples of enlightened beings.
They offered unconditional service to bring love peace and harmony to humanity.
Now,Master Sha is offering humanity the opportunity to receive soul enlightenment, which deeply purifies and instantly uplifts your soul.
Your body soul moves up from your lower abdomen into your message centre (heart chakra) because of the lifetimes of Heavens virtue that Master Sha's blessing releases to your soul.
This is one of the fastest ways to purify your soul.
This is one of the most priceless opportunities for your soul journey.
The qualities of an enlightened soul will awaken within you in a very special way.
Humanity has waited so long to reach soul enlightenment, and this gift has finally arrived.
I am so grateful to the Divine, to the Tao and to Master Sha.
I am so excited for humanity to receive this incredible gift.
I invite you all to receive this most precious gift for yourself and your loved ones.
Please watch Master Sha's introduction to soul enlightenment video to gain deeper wisdom into this most sacred blessing for your soul journey.
Love you. Love you. Love you
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Master Maya 


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