Sunday, 17 November 2013

The power of your thoughts.

Our thoughts have great power to create.
Each positive thought creates good karma.
Each negative thought creates a blockage within your soul heart mind body and life, which is negative karma.

The truth is that nothing can be hidden from Heaven.

Every thought is recorded in Heaven.

As a child,my mother used to always tell me to be careful what i think because God could hear all my thoughts, so i grew up very aware if i had negative thought.

I immediately would apologise, even as a child.

Later on in my life when had the honour to meet Master Sha, he taught us to apologise to the Divine when we had a negative thought.

Why ? What is the significance of our thoughts?

Each thought creates our words and actions.
Therefor to transform your negative thoughts is to deeply purify and align to God light.

To transform negative thoughts words or actions is to purify on a very deep level.
This entails seeing all that wants to be transformed within you. 
When you enter into this sacred consciousness- freedom can enter your soul as all is embraced by Gods light.

Receiving soul healing blessings is one of the most powerful ways to purify the thoughts that may be blocking your journey.

Open your heart and this blessing of Gods light through Master Sha.

Make a request:

Dear Master Sha,
Dear Gods Light,
I love ,honour and appreciate you.
Please purify my thoughts into loving, forgiving and compassionate thoughts.
I am so grateful.
Thank you.


  1. Dear Master Maya, I have been waiting for your blog since Master Sha mentioned all Divine Channels will have their blogs. Thank you for your wisdom and teachings. Thanks Master Sha for giving us more opportunities to learn from you in this way. Visit your blog will be one of my home work from now on. Love You!

    1. Dear Zhu Lu, thank you so much for your inspiring words. I am deeply grateful and look forward to serve you more. With love and blessings,Master Maya

  2. Dear Master Maya, thank you for sharing this teaching with us!

    Since the first time I listened to the soul song "God`s light" I really, really loved it! I remember very well my first mentor always using it as the Mantra to transform my all life, all challenges and blockages.

    Thank you for reminding us about this mantra and for sharing the joyful teaching of Master Sha and the blessing! As my day just started to get a bit "darker", with the Mantra the brightest light entered again and changed events to a much more positive outcome.

    Thank you the Divine, thank you the Tao, thank you Master Sha, thank you Master Maya!

    1. Dearest Nina,i also love the soul song 'Gods Light'. Its melody brings so much joy and light .Thank you for your powerful sharing Nina. with love and blessings,Master Maya

  3. Thank you Thank you Thank you Dear Master Maya for shearing with us this teaching , Thank you for reminding us about this Mantra . Thank you Thank you Thank you , I love you love you love you .

    1. Dear Mohammed, thank you so much and know it is an honour to share Master Sha's chanting .With love and blessings,Master Maya

  4. Thank you Master Maya for the teachings and sharing Master Sha chanting God's light. Lately i have been having a lot of dark thoughts that i don;'t normally have. So i chanted with this video a few times in a row and felt lots of light entering my thoughts. My mind now feels more clear and peaceful. Thank you, Love you<3 ~William Page