Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tao Song to Open your Heart and Soul - Master Maya Mackie

Tao song carries Tao Frequency and Vibration which can transform the frequency and vibration of your physical , mental , emotional or spiritual bodies.
Experience the power of Tao Song Mantra for Opening your Heart and Soul.
Listen and receive blessings for your life and soul journey.
Please share you experiences with me.

Love you. Love you. Love you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Master Maya

Listen here to the Radio Show:
Tao Song to Open your Heart and Soul - Master Maya Mackie 06/01 by My Soul Healing Miracles | Spirituality Podcasts


  1. Thank you beloved Master Maya, I cried my way through so beautiful so heart touching I can never thank you or love you enough you are so very special all my love Danielle xxxxxxx

    1. Beloved Danielle,i am so grateful that you received such a big blessing. Love you, Love you, Love you.

  2. The insightful commentaries and quotes from the Tao are worth the price of the book in themselves, but you will also learn Taoist meditation and Qigong inner alchemy techniques like lower dantien breathing, Microcosmic Orbit Qigong, primordial Wu Ji Qigong, meditation on twin hearts, and Tibetan Shamanic Qigong (relax; it's all explained in the book).

    Ilchi Lee