Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sacred Source Mantra to Balance Yin & Yang

                                         Ren Di Tian Tao Yin Yang He Yi

Yin Yang is one of the Universal Laws and Principles.
In traditional Chinese medicine, the most important aspect of healing is to balalnce Yin & Yang.
Yin Yang is an ancient philosophy that summarizes everything in the universe.
Yang represents fire:  heat, movement upwards, excitement and more.
Yin represents the nature of water: cold, downward movement, calmness and more.
Every one of your systems,organs and body parts, cells and every DNA and RNA has a Yin Yang nature.
The Hui Yin Acupuncture point gathers the whole body Yin , while the Bai Hui acunpuncture point gathers the whole body Yang.
Please read the Tao Song & Tao Dance for deeper wisdom of the significance of the Hui Yin and Bai Hui Acupuncture points and 7 Soul houses. 
Let us now do a sacred practice for balancing Yin & Yang for your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.
Open your heart and soul to receive a blessing to balance Yin Yang for your spiritual, mental emotional and physical bodies. 
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