Sunday, 15 June 2014

Ancient and New Sacred Wisdom, Knowledge and Practical Techniques for Healing- Online Book Study Club Session 7

Dear Beloved Ones,
Please continue to receive the blessings through the Book Study Club of Soul Healing Miracles. Each word, each sentence, carries the Source Light, the Source Jing Qi Shen to purify and transform your soul heart mind and body. Receive the blessings from the sacred wisdom,secrets and teachings that will allow you to deeply align with Heavens love and light for you.
Today, Receive the Source Ling Guang Da Ai Blessing.
We are most blessed and loved.
With greatest love,
Master Maya

Extract from the Soul Healing Miracles book: 

Millions of People on Mother Earth are searching for ancient secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques for healing, rejuvenation, and prolonging life, as well as for transformation of rela- tionships, finances, business, and every aspect of life.
The Soul Healing Miracles Series shares ancient and new sacred wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques to transform all life. This first book in the series emphasizes healing for the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. 

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