Friday, 30 May 2014

Online Book Study Club Session 5 - Master Maya Mackie

How to Receive the Divine and Tao Soul Downloads Offered in the Books of the Soul Healing Miracles Series
 The Books of the Soul Healing Miracles Series are unique. The Divine and Tao are downloading their soul treasures to readers as they read these books. Every book in the Soul Healing Miracles Series will include Divine or Tao Soul Downloads that have been pre- programmed. When you read the appropriate paragraphs and pause for a minute, divine or Tao permanent soul mind body treasures will be transmitted to your soul 

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  1. According to the book, it's "Tai Chi for enlightenment." Practicing it allows you "to reconnect with the Taoist immortals. It also "activates one's lightbody (Merkaba), opens one's heart to unconditional love and heals holographically

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