Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Heaven Comes To Mother Earth.

The first day of the Tao retreats in Ramsau, Austria begin today.
I am extremely grateful and blessed to have the honour to attend the Tao Retreats in Ramsau.

I would like to share that since Master Sha has arrived in Europe, and even before his arrival , there has been preparations for his arrival that have been so profound to witness.

Each day i would see Heaven open, then many different Heavens Temple's , Heaven's Saints, Heaven's Committee's, Heaven animals would come to the different area's in Europe to bless, transform and purify this area's.

Humanity in Europe was being given virtue, to prepare them for Master Sha's arrival.
To prepare them as Heaven came to mother earth.

Each day since Master Sha has been here, Heaven has been uplifting the frequency in such a significant and powerful way.

You can literally feel the transformation of the frequency take place and become more pure each day.
We on mother earth are so incredibly blessed to have Master Sha with us.

As he brings Heavens wisdom, blessings, and light to mother earth, history changes and humanity and all souls on mother earth, countless planets , stars , galaxies and universes are blessed.

As i have shared so many time's, to be in Master Sha's presence is the greatest gift.

Please share your experiences at retreats or events you have attended with Master Sha.
This will open humanity's hearts and souls  greatly.

We are so loved and blessed.
Love you. Love you. Love you.
Master Maya


  1. My first retreat that i had ever been to was in florida for a soul enlightenment retreat with Master Sha. I had read most of his books but was curious to see if it was as real as the books made it seem. Little did i know that weekend would change my life forever. In those 3 days i felt as if i went to heaven and back. My heart opened and felt so much joy and happiness. For once in my life i felt like i knew my life's purpose. Master Sha gave everyone so much love and huge blessings, it wasn't like anything i had ever felt before in my life. A workshop with Master Sha is not to be missed. I invite you to go to any of Master Sha's events. You won't regret it:)


  2. Dear Will, I am very grateful and touched by your sharing.Many will benefit.With love and blessings for your life and soul journey,Master Maya