Friday, 11 July 2014

Gratitude Blesses My Life

Gratitude is a treasure.

Gratitude opens the heart & soul to everything & everyone.

It is like the path to unconditional love and forgiveness, compassion and enlightenment.

It is tender and gentle to all, embracing each one in its joy and warmth.

It is like a mothers love to her child.

We have so much to be grateful for.

If only we opened our hearts deeper to all those in our lives who have brought us closer to the heart of the Divine.

Allow me to explain this further. Lets say you face a challenge in your life. It can
be any type of challenge.  Health, relationships, finances and more.
If you are able to see that this challenge you face is being revealed to you to
show you what still needs to be healed and transformed in your life, you will
be able to respond in Gratitude. You will see that this challenge is a gift.

Gratitude that you are given an opportunity to learn and grow on your soul journey. To
learn how to be more loving, forgiving and compassionate. This is very often
what challenges are there to teach us.

Join me for a practice i learnt many years ago, which i lead you through.
This was a gift from Heaven & Earth for my life & soul journey.
I am so grateful to share it with you below.
Receive the blessings of Gratitude.
I love you,
Master Maya


Soul Healing Miracles Journey for Purifying Soul Heart Mind & Body - Master Maya 07/06 by My Soul Healing Miracles | Spirituality Podcasts


  1. Master Maya has a unique way of making everyone who listens to her feel very loved and appreciated. She does this through her incredible ability to stay in the present moment.
    Every word she speaks comes from the heart and carries her unique purity.
    Every person I have ever spoke to from around the world says the same thing about Master Maya, and that is they cant explain her purity in words. Master Maya always moves me by her connection to Master Sha, and her total GOLD to her Master/Teacher.
    I am so deeply grateful that master Maya's soul chose to re-incarnate in this important lifetime to help humanity, and I am deeply grateful for her purest of examples she sets for us all to follow.
    She is living love, joy, care, compassion and enlightenment.
    Master Maya's teachings are very simple and resonate deep in your heart and soul and are also simple to put into practice, and the experiences from her teachings and practices are very tangible.
    master Maya has served me and my family beyond words and I can never bow down enough to her for what she does everyday.
    I could write a book series about master Maya but I will finish this message by asking you all to experience master Maya for yourselves, you will understand my words more once you experience master Maya. you will understand that you cant actually put in words what master Maya gives.
    CBD CBD CBD to you master Maya, me and my family give all the love we possibly can to you.

    Love Nick Giannasi x

    1. Dear Nick, i am deeply touched & moved by your words.It has been a gift to know you and your family and your abundance of love, purity and grace.They say that what one see's in others is a reflection of themselves. I believe this statelment to be true. I have felt so welcomed in your family's hearts, and this is the greatest gift i can think of. I thank you from the depth of my heart & soul. I will serve you, humnaity & all souls forever. With Love, Honor and Deepest Gratitude,Maya

  2. Thank you Master Maya for this beautiful and powerful practice. It is so simple but very transforming. I am so grateful for this practice so i can be more grateful. Tytyty lylyly

  3. Thank you Master Maya for the beautiful posting on gratitude and the practice and blessing via the podcast. I feel so light, so relaxed and at peace after it finished. I have been exploring more and more deeply the topic of Gratitude lately, in my life and in my soul healing group (this week), and how it has so many layers to it that I am continually learning about and appreciating...especially during and after Master Sha's recent events in Australia. I am so very grateful for this post and deeper teaching and insight on the topic of gratitude. I love you with all my heart tytyty cbd cbd cbd