Monday, 17 March 2014

Book Club :Forgiveness Teaching and Blessings

Dear Ones,
Today i would like to share a segment of Master Sha's newest book 'Soul Healing Miracles'.
I had the honour to lead the practice below on the Soul Healing Miracles chanting channel today.
It was so powerful and profound.
I have created a video below where i read and then lead a practice from the Soul Healing Miracles Book and offer a blessing.  
Master Sha's teachings are truly empowering us to transform all aspects of life, transforming darkness to light.
Share this wisdom with your loved one's so that they too can clear their own karma and bring more love and light into their lives.
May you be blessed.

This is extract of Master Sha's teaching in the Soul Healing Miracles Book.

Karma is the root cause of success and failure in every aspect of life.

Our success depends on our good service in previous lives and this life. Our blockages are due to our unpleasant service in previous lives and this life. Our ancestors’ karma also affects our life.
If you have received Divine Karma Cleansing, you are very bless- ed. If you have not received Divine Karma Cleansing, learn how to do Forgiveness Practice to self-clear your negative karma little by little. Even if you have received Divine Karma Cleansing, do Forgiveness Practice. In all of my books and in every workshop, seminar, and retreat I lead, I strongly emphasize the importance of Forgiveness Practice. I have per- sonally witnessed the power of doing Forgiveness Practice. It is one of the golden keys to unlock the door to advancing in every aspect of life.
When you do Forgiveness Practice, not all of the darkness will leave right away. The darkness leaves little by little. Therefore, Forgiveness Practice is a daily practice.
When you do Forgiveness Practice, it is vital to include the following:

Dear all the darkness within my body,
Please forgive me for all mistakes I have made in this lifetime and any

past lifetime to harm, hurt, or take advantage of you. I sincerely apologize.
Please forgive me.

Dear all souls and all people who have harmed, hurt, or taken advantage of me in all lifetimes,
I forgive all of you unconditionally.
These are the two aspects of Forgiveness Practice:
  • sincerely ask for forgiveness
  • unconditionally forgive others
    Asking the darkness to forgive you and offering unconditional forgiveness is the first key for the Forgiveness Practice. Now I will release the second key:
    Ask the darkness inside your body to practice with you.

The sacred wisdom is that when you do spiritual practice, including chanting, meditating, and more, invite the darkness inside the body to practice with you. All beings need love, forgiveness, compassion, and light. The darkness needs love, forgiveness, compassion, and light also. Darkness also has a soul, mind, and body.
What are you doing when you are chanting and meditating? You are doing Xiu Lian. “Xiu Lian” (pronounced sheo lyen) means purification practice, and can be summarized in one sentence:
Xiu Lian is the purification practice of soul, heart, mind, and body in order to reach soul mind body enlightenment.
Xiu Lian represents the totality of the spiritual journey. You need Xiu Lian. The darkness that is the negative karma within you needs Xiu Lian also. To invite the darkness to chant and meditate with you is the absolute top secret for healing and transforming all life. Darkness is with you if your karma has not been cleared. Once your karma has been cleared, you do not need to invite the darkness to meditate with you. If your karma has not been cleared, you absolutely need to invite the darkness to meditate with you.
Do Forgiveness Practice every day. It is very difficult to self-clear all negative karma quickly. There could be high levels of negative karma. It takes time to clear negative karma. Therefore, Xiu Lian is not easy. In history many great spiritual masters went to the mountains, caves, temples, forests, and oceans to do Xiu Lian for decades. They wanted to clear their negative karma and enlighten their soul, mind, and body.
Therefore, when you meditate or chant, before you start always remember to say:
If there is darkness inside my body, please join me to chant and meditate. Let us do Xiu Lian together.
Thank you.

Remember, this is a major secret to self-clear negative karma.
Now I will share with you three powerful new The Source sacred mantras that I received directly from The Source. I am so honored.



  1. Dear Master Maya, Thank you for sharing this deep practice for us to purify soul, heart, mind and body. This 22 minutes practice can make amends for many past mistakes. I am very grateful for your greatest compassion, your service. With greatest gratitude, Terry

    1. Dearest Terry, thank you so much or your sharing. I too found this practice from the Soul Healing Miracles book so vey powerful and deeply purifying. we are indeed very blessed.

  2. Dear Terry,
    Thank you so much for your inspiring sharing. this practice is truly powerful and can clear soul mind body blockages. It is an honour to serve you. With love and blessings,Master Maya

  3. Dearest Master Maya,
    It is such a privilege and good fortune to have you guide us in this forgiveness practice. It is transforming and thanks very much for your blessings. I just love it. With deepest gratitude.

    1. Thank you beloved Ai Chin, we are so blessed and loved. with love and gratitude

  4. Dear Master Maya, Thank you I feel so strongly Master Sha and his teachings so clearly through you. This is so profound as I always get aha"s on a deeper level, so I am so grateful to listen to Master Sha's wisdom read by you from his books. And Thank you for sharing the teaching to invoke all the darkness in our bodies to chant as well to clear self negative karma this was so profound. I thank you from my heart for your service to us all and Master Sha all my love Danielle CBD CBD CBD

    1. Dearest Beloved Danielle, i am so grateful to you for sharing your insights. the teachings are truly powerful and purifying on every level. we cannot practice enough forgiveness practice.Love you

  5. Dearest Master Maya
    Today, I truly needed these teachings when i saw your video on youtube. I had a challenging time with my family doctor today. i took a soul healing miracle book with me and while i was waiting for the doctor i just opened the book from the middle and the same page opened where you started your video from. i read the whole chapter until the practice and then carried on with my appointment which was not very pleasant. During the day i went to another appointment and i looked at my phone and saw your video. i listened to it and i was in awe to find the same teachings as the morning. Listening to the teachings again made me realize that my day was full of karmic lessons and there was a great need of forgiveness practice in my life. i feel much better now as i did FP few times today. Karma teachings truly explained the behavior of my doctor today and my lessons. I have such a deep clarity now. i am so grateful for the realization of Karma being root cause of everything. The teachings went deeper after listening to your video. i cant thank you enough for all the blessings and teachings in my life. CBD CBD CBD TY TY TY

    1. Beloved Avi, what a powerful synchronicity of events ! This is truly heart touching. Thank you so much for sharing. with love and light

  6. Beloved Master Maya, Thank you for the beautiful forgiveness practice and blessings. I look forward to doing this practice regularly. CBDs, CBDs, CBDs.

    1. Thank you beloved Lavana for your support and enthusiasm .It touches my heart.

  7. Beloved Master Maya, Thank you so much for this wonderul forgiveness practice. Its truly profound. Thank you for your love, compassion and blessings. I a very grateful for this teachings. I love you. CBDS CBDS CBDS.