Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Guan Yin Mantra Blessing by Master Sha.

What you chant is what you become.
Let us chant Guan Yin's mantra with Master Sha to develop greater compassion in our soul heart mind body for ourselves and all souls. 
Compassion boosts energy,stamina,vitality and immunity.
Compassion opens the heart and soul.



  1. Thank you so very much most beloved Master Maya for posting this sacred video. Love and honor you so very much!

  2. Love you M. Maya, Guan Yin, Ling Hui Sheng Shi, all my spiritual mothers and fathers and my beloved M.Sha! Thank you soo much for your Services and your Love! ty ty ty ly ly ly cbd cbd cbd

    1. Thank you so much beloved Monika. Love you. love you. love you

  3. Dearest Anaya, i love and honour you so much also.May you be blessed.