Thursday, 17 March 2016

Help Spread Love Peace & Harmony To The World!

Dear Beloved Ones,

The Love Peace Harmony Movement is to bring Love Peace and Harmony to humanity, to families, to children, to animals, to nature and to mother earth.

The Divine Soul Song of Love Peace Harmony carries Divine frequency and vibration, with Divine love forgiveness compassion and light.

So many people suffer from health conditions, relationship challenges , financial concerns and more.
Many people and children live in very challenges conditions, in stress and fear.

Humanity needs our Love and Compassion.

Please help to spread the International Day of Happiness, and to share the joy of Love, Peace, and Harmony. 

Join thunderclap and be one to hold the torch of light and hope for humanity.

Thank you for your support!
Love you, Love you, Love you!


  1. I Thunderclapped and urged others on my Facebook page to do so also. Sunday March 20th, those in the Portland Oregon area can gather at TaborSpace with Master Roger Givens, Master Cecilia Liu, Master Sharon Lawrence and many others to Celebrate Love Peace Harmony World Family.

  2. I Thunderclapped and urged others on my Facebook page to do so also !!!!!

  3. So excited for the launch of Love Peace Harmony Movement!

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  5. Congratulations on the launch of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation! Humanity and all Wan Ling are so very blessed. Lu La Li Lu La. Together we can heal the world!