Saturday, 19 September 2015

Living Divine Relationships: Soul Communication with your Shi Fu

Living Divine Relationships: A book is a gift of pure love and deep wisdom for the spiritual journey.
May it bless and open your heart and soul further.

Excerp from Living Divine Relationships

The actual relationship between your soul and your Shi Fu is most holy and sacred. It is holy because it is of the heavens. It is sacred because it is part of the most treasured aspects of the Divine and is to be treated accordingly. “Holy” is being part of the whole, the Oneness. It is our direct connection to the Oneness through our saint, our special guide, our Shi Fu. “Sacred” implies being treated in a most special manner, with care and devotion.

Do Soul Communication with your Shi Fu

Body Power: Soul Light Era Prayer position. Left hand on heart chakra and right hand in prayer position.
Soul Power: Dear Jesus, I love honour and appreciate you. (choose name of any spiritual father or mother ), what is your message for me today?
Mind power: Visualize golden light in the area of your heart chakra. See your heart chakra filled with golden light pouring into your heart chakra from all directions. Visualize the light becoming brighter.
Sound Power: chant 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...' for 3 to 5 minutes. Or chant your soul song. Then start doing soul communication by receiving the message from Jesus.
It may start with 'Hao, My beloved son or daughter' . It may start with 'Dear ... you name  ... i love you. ... '
Do soul communication at every opportunity. You can use soul communication with your Shi Fu's for any aspect of life.
I wish you great openings in your spiritual channels!
With love and blessings,
Master Maya 


  1. Ty Master Maya for reminding us this deep, but Simone wisdom . It reminds me of the line in Tao 3 book page 191 ,"I have realized that heaven, the divine, and Tao have unlimited secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques. I always like my students to " ask for and learn wisdom directly from heaven, the divine and dow ask for and learn wisdom directly from heaven, the divine and tao."
    The key is to open spiritual channels . " after opening and developing your soul spiritual channels, you can learn wisdom and practical techniques directly from the divine and Tao, as well as from the Saints, Buddha, and other spiritual fathers and mothers in heaven . They will show you the wisdom in your third eye or they will directly teach you the wisdom through conversation . They will give you an aha moment or out wow Moment . there are all kinds of ways that they can teach you .

  2. Dear Master Maya, I love you. Thank you so much for the guidance. This morning when I connected with my Shi Fu, Guan Yin and chanted Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa, and through Guan Yins`s eyes she showed me the suffering that are now on mother earth. Tears flow down and my heart was so touched and opened out to chant more to bring more light, love and compassion to those I saw suffering.LY LY LY CBD CBD CBD

  3. Thank you Master Maya and love you SO much. Divine Relationships is the most incredible book and is one that i always read when travelling and can never read it enough. It is also one that opens my heart beyond all comprehension and each time i read it as well.
    It just flows.
    Talking of flows - I LOVE flowing and receiving messages and more however i have realised that i need to start writing them out and was just speaking to Master Mirva about this yesterday. The flows just come to me and sometimes (most) even when i am just merely thinking of something. Beloved Master GK has been a well of information for me and i love him SO much.
    TY TY TY Master Maya and TY TY TY for all your love and support always. xx Gavin xx