Sunday, 9 August 2015

Healing Lack of Self Worth

Healing Lack of Self Worth

Many people suffer from feeling a lack of self worth and believing in themselves.

Unworthiness can cause sadness,depression, guilt,fear and more
Lack of self worth could cause relationship challenges, not believing that one is worthy of true love from humanity and from the Divine.

Lack of self worth could block people from following their dreams, not beleiving they are worthy of success and joy.

Let us together use a practice form the Soul Healing Miracles Books to transform Lack of Self Worth.

I love you all,
Master Maya 

Master Maya - Healing of Unworthiness 08/06 by Soul Healing Miracle Journey | Spirituality Podcasts

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  1. More levels of this in me, I see. Thank you, Master Maya, for your guidance and assistance. I am very grateful. Da Ai - Da Gan En