Thursday, 5 February 2015

Book Study Club Session 27 - Source Soul Operation

Dear Ones,
Session 27 of the Soul Healing Miracles Book Study Club offers a Source Soul Operation for an organ, system, health condition or part of the body.
Receive the powerful benefits of this blessing for you and your loved ones.
With deepest love and gratitude,
Master Maya

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  1. Dear Master Maya, I love you so much. I am so grateful for this video and the Soul Operation. I just had some negativity came up with my brother on a very small thing. I was in a shock. Usually I get along with my brother and all of the sudden I felt he didn't understand me anymore. I felt karmic blockages were up for healing. I already had your blog up when the confrontation happened and so quickly i turned on the video. i started to do a forgiveness practise but I felt bit shaken up till the soul operation was offered. My heart is filled with love and forgiveness. I feel peaceful again. Usually i will feel very down after these kind of confrontations but i felt very strong all of the sudden. This was all very sudden and the healing was so fast too. I am so grateful for these beautiful tools that Master Sha has blessed us with. Thank you for your beautiful service. I wouldn't have known there was a soul operation in this book otherwise. TY TY TY CBD CBD CBD