Thursday, 8 January 2015

Divine & Tao Healing

Divine and Tao Healing
The simplest practices can be the most powerful.
Join me to use the 4 power techniques to invoke the Divine and Tao to Balance Emotions.
Experience the blessings and transformation.
The longer you chant the better.
I wish for you many blessings!

Divine & Tao Healing- Master Maya 01/08 by Soul Healing Miracle Journey | Spirituality Podcasts


  1. TY Master Maya, I really need help to transform my irritability. It has affected my life for a long time. I'm looking forward to transforming this negative emotion. <3

    1. Sending you a blessing for transforming irritability beloved Gloria.

    2. TY Master Maya for this beyond words, comprehension, and imagination blessing. I am deeply grateful. LYLYLY. TYTYTY. CBD CBD CBD.

  2. Dear Master Maya, Thank you so much for the simple and wonderful teachings, touching my heart and soul. I feel so happy for the blessing and transforming my anxiety. I am more peaceful now. TY TY TY LY LY LY Happy New Year to you and your family with abundance of joy, love, happiness and peace.

  3. Dear beloved Master Maya, Thank you for your love, time and compassion at TA. I really appreciate it. I humbly request a healing for my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical testing. I know your soul is giving me courage and strength to go through my testing and pay my spiritual debt with grace. Love you. TYTYTY CBDSCBDSCBDS.