Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Significance Of The Tao Healing Miracle Days with Master Sha

Dear Ones,
The significance of attending the Tao retreats with Master Sha is beyond words.
We are so extremely blessed to have an opportunity to be in the presence of Master Sha, as they will become more and more rare.

The Soul Journey is the Xiu Lian journey.
Xiu Lian means purification practice.

To purify our soul heart mind and body, to enlighten our soul heart mind and body, in order to reach Tao is the purpose of the soul journey.

There have been millions of spiritual seekers throughout history, who wanted to meld with Tao.

They gave hours and hours, lifetimes and lifetimes of spiritual practice and dedicated great devotion to their spiritual journeys, with the desire in their hearts to advance on the Tao journey.

They gave their lives to accomplish this goal, yet only very few souls in history accomplished advanced enlightenment on the journey to reaching Tao.


It is very difficult to reach Tao.

Our Shen Qi Jing blockages could block us from advancing on the spiritual journey.

Master Sha is giving us the opportunity to be in the presence of the highest Source Field, to learn the deepest wisdom and knowledge for our Tao journey and at the same time, serving us to clear the Shen Qi Jing blockages from our health, relationships, finances and soul journeys with blessings that are truly Heaven on Mother Earth.

Master Sha is is truly taking us on the rocket ship to Heaven.

There truly are no words.

Your life, health, relationships, finances are blessed as Master Sha blesses each one in attendance.
Humanity is blessed.

I send a blessing now for you to attend the Tao Retreats.
You are extremely loved & blessed.

With greatest love and compassion,

Master Maya

Master Sha offers three hour free teaching to introduce Tao Longevity and Immortality Retreat

On Saturday, November 8 at 11 am PT/12 pm MT/2 pm ET/8 pm CEST, Master Sha will introduce the essence of the upcoming Tao Retreat training. The essence for the Tao I-II, November 11-15 is:

·               What is immortality?
·               The significance and benefits of immortality
·               Major steps of immortality
·               Vital sacred practice to build the foundation to reach immortality

This foundation of immortality includes two parts. 
Please go to to register and be part of this exciting 3 hour webcast with Master Sha.

Tao is The Way of all life.
Tao is The Source.
Tao is the universal principles and laws.

– Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Tao Retreats
November 11 - 28

Tao Retreat for Healing, Rejuvenation,
Longevity and Immortality

  • This is a rare and sacred opportunity to meet and study the ancient wisdom of Tao, ultimate Oneness, with Master Sha, lineage holder of ancient healing and rejuvenation secrets of Peng Zu (the teacher ofLao Zi).
  • Learn Tao sacred wisdom and practices to heal your soul, heart, mind and body.
  • Experience Tao rejuvenation practices and blessings to return to the health and purity of a baby.

The Sedona Mago Retreat Center
3500 Bill Gray Rd, Sedona, AZ, 86336, United States

To view it online click here.


  1. Thank you so much Master Maya for bringing more understanding about the Tao to us! Thank you Master Sha for taking us on the rocket ship to Heaven!

  2. Thank you for the Blessing, Master Maya. I have a room reserved but no ability to Register for room, or a flight down to Sedona and back to Portland. I am continuing to clear attachment; to surrender to How finances shall come; to balance and balance again and again my emotions which for two weeks of wonderful purification are giving me much practice - and ability to help others to recognize and balance themselves.

    I bow to Ling Hui Sheng Shi and Master Sha and the Divine and the Tao <3

    With Gratitude Gratitude for all you give us,


    1. Dearest Terry, your sharing touched my heart. I wish you greatest success for your soul journey. With love and light,Maya