Monday, 11 August 2014

The Power Of Soul.

Master Sha teaches Soul Power and gives us the tools and techniques to empower us to connect to our greatest soul abilities and power.
Your soul has the power to bless and transform your life.
Soul Power assists us to open our heart to our soul healing abilities, our soul potentials and bringing them into our daily life, through creating love peace & harmony for ourselves & others.
Join me to chant to open our hearts & bring out our soul potentials.
May you allign deeper and deeper with your soul power.
With love & blesings,
Master Maya

Soul Healing Miracles Journey for Purifying Soul Heart Mind & Body - Master Maya 08/10 by My Soul Healing Miracles | Spirituality Podcasts


  1. The power of soul practice is very powerful and profound. As I was chanting Soul Power, my sixth soul house was vibrating very strongly. I continue to focus on my lower dan tian and there was so much beautiful golden light radiating. Thank you Master Maya for the teaching, practice and blessing. TY TY TY LY LY LY CB CB CB

    1. Thank you dearest Audrey,i am so happy for your blessings.Love you.Love you.Love you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you